Mazda Roadster Coupe

Mazda Roadster Coupe

One day I heard a rumour. "Have you heard, that R. has imported Mazda Roadster Coupe from Japan?" I didn't know that, but that fact wasn't a big surprise. If anyone could get it anywhere, I would bet it would be him. Some pandemic time later we had a chance to meet and I

Man vs. Machine – Mazda MX-5 NBfl 1.8 with customised ITB

Mazda MX-5 3D printed Individual Throttle Bodies

Man vs. Machine. I dropped by Miata Challenge top driver - Bronek. He was messing around with his ITB setup sitting in 1.8 NB/NBfl (mk 2.5) Mazda MX-5. Custom 3D printed trumpets Powered by EMU Classic stand alone ECU Puting out 192 HP Full engine modification includes: - 1.8 BP-Z3 VVT engine block - 1.8 BP-4W engine header -

Lifted Miata V2 PL edition

So you wake up and think - is it early 90's now? Imagine that Mazda dealer shows up at your place, saying: Man, I have a best Crossover SUV car you can imagine, waiting for ya just around the corner. Just Hop in, and drive it. You peek around the corner, and there is

Poland: Avalon Extreme Cup 2017.01

First episode of Avalon Extreme Cup 2017. Tor Łódź. Something totally different. Knowing what to expect, and experiencing it are two totally different things. Blog post coming soon, but I can't keep those pictures to myself till then. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"] PS. Yes. Red MX-5 NA will always draw my attention. Guilty as charged.

Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.02 – Ułęż

This is what happens, when you get infected with MX-5 bacteria: Step out of your comfort zone they said. And that is what happened to Miata Challenge 2017. After Silesia Ring event, everybody was hyped up and there was general feeling, that the previous formula for Ułęż trackday sort of just expired. That it actually has died. Miata

Christmas eve spot

Christmas eve midnight mass (so co called "Pasterka") is still a strong tradition in Poland. Well, but there is also another tradition, the one that does not date back as long as the midnight mass, but is strong our small Warsaw community. The Christmas eve midnight drive around Warsaw. With MX-5s dressed in lights,

13 things to do before trackday

Check oil level. Check your brakes - especially the pads wear. Check your cooland level. If any of those are not ok - top up , or change. If you haven't changed them for 2 years, change them anyway. Check your tyre pressure. Keep an eye on it as the

Warm autumn night turns right

So you pick up a car you left at your friend's place, celebrating birth of the new MX-5 family member and you take it for a short drive home. Drive is pretty much straight, evening pretty warm for this part of the world in October, so top down is obvious. Suddenly you