MX-5 community in Poland started in 2003, with a launch of MX-5 Klub Polska  forum.  Nowadays it features over 5000 users, 11000 topics and over 310000  posts with a regular of couple of hundred active users daily.

Notable milestones for the MX-5 community:


20th MX-5 Anniversary – organised by MX-5 Klub Polska in a center of Warsaw gathered over 200 cars from all over Poland. We had a chance to parade trough Poland’s capital city with a police escort closing down the lanes for us.

200 MX-5s just passing by


10th Anniversary of the MX-5 Klub Polska – event organised by MX-5 Klub Polska was held on a Miedziana Góra race track. It gathered well over 200 MX-5 from all over the Poland, and even some visitors from Italy for example.

Cooperation of forum members resulted in 5 different videos edited out of the same footage.

Miata Challenge – 2013 also saw a start of a so called #MMC – series of trackdays focused on learning how to drive, followed by time attack part. There were 4 events in a first series.

More information about Miata Challenge.


25th MX-5 Anniversary event – unlike the previous anniversary event, this one was organised solely by Mazda Polska. It shows how the things changed for once absent Mazda corporation in Poland. Between 2005 and 2008 there was no official Mazda distributor.

2014 also marks the development of MMC series into 2 split divisions (East and West) in order to accomodate the interest. 8 trackdays (4 in each division) took place and an All Stars round took place on Jastrząb race track.


MMC season 3 – under new management, taking into account experience from previous season, series went back to 1 division. 6 events took place, 3 of them at the Ułęż race track. That is due to the law of diminishing race tracks in Poland*.



Miata miniChallenge season 4.


With a variety of tourist attractions Poland has to offer, it is obvious that we drive around it.

A lot.

Each year there are at least couple of publicly available events that focus on the best of what MX-5 has to offer – negotiating corners while traveling and sightseeing. Most of them take place on the south of Poland, where it is easy to find proper roads, however north of Poland is also blessed which such conditions.

There are also some invitation only events, but it is not so hard to get the invitation – you just have to let people know you.

* – law of diminishing race tracks states that the number of available places to race decreases as the number of people interested in racing increases.

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