Lifted Miata V2 PL edition

So you wake up and think - is it early 90's now? Imagine that Mazda dealer shows up at your place, saying: Man, I have a best Crossover SUV car you can imagine, waiting for ya just around the corner. Just Hop in, and drive it. You peek around the corner, and there is

Poland: Avalon Extreme Cup 2017.01

First episode of Avalon Extreme Cup 2017. Tor Łódź. Something totally different. Knowing what to expect, and experiencing it are two totally different things. Blog post coming soon, but I can't keep those pictures to myself till then. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"] PS. Yes. Red MX-5 NA will always draw my attention. Guilty as charged.

Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.02 – Ułęż

This is what happens, when you get infected with MX-5 bacteria: Step out of your comfort zone they said. And that is what happened to Miata Challenge 2017. After Silesia Ring event, everybody was hyped up and there was general feeling, that the previous formula for Ułęż trackday sort of just expired. That it actually has died. Miata

Poland: Forum Track Day Poznań Zlot Tor Poznań

Stay focused. That was my main conclusion after one of the last year's trackdays. Before that I had a habit of turning on the Go Pro just before rolling off, playing loud music (because it's fun and Stig does that) during the lap, running around the paddock and thinking about everything, but driving. But

Video: Miata Challenge 2017.01 – Silesia Ring

So here we go, the video from the Silesia Ring Round 1 of Miata Challenge 2017 is here: Here you can se, how vast the area is, and how safe it is. At least most of it. You can also see that one right hand turn you have to watch out for. It

Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.01 – Silesia Ring

Silesia Ring paddock filled with MX-5

Silesia Ring opened in the fall of 2016, so it is pretty new, and actually - it's still being developed. The track itself is ready, but the rest of the infrastructure is under construction. But who cares about the infrastructure, when you have 3,6 kilometers of fresh tarmac, wide curves, gravel traps,

Miata Challenge racing series – basic information

Miata Challenge, previously known as Miata miniChallenge, is a time attack racing and educational series taking place in Poland. It started in 2012, so it is pretty fresh and is constantly evolving and improving. What is constant, is the unique atmosphere - derived directly from the uniqueness of the Miata based community. "

Product shot session workshop by Fujifilm – MX-5 being a product

Along with Maciek, aka MAC - part of  Picture68 collective - accidently we have took a part in Fujifilm product shot session workshops. Mazda MX-5 ND being an accident. Waiting to happen. I must say that Mazda marketing or PR is doing a lot of work in Poland. I just wish they invested a bit more

Warm autumn night turns right

So you pick up a car you left at your friend's place, celebrating birth of the new MX-5 family member and you take it for a short drive home. Drive is pretty much straight, evening pretty warm for this part of the world in October, so top down is obvious. Suddenly you

MaX5 Cup – The inner fight

Racing is not easy, before and during competing there are many thoughts and emotions going through your head. 3899

Debrzno Chill&Grill 2015

Dzik na tle lotniska w Debrznie

So you are a rally driver, you've got the plane, and ex military airfield, just in case you need to refuel in the mid of the journey. Possible? Yep, if you are Tomasz Kuchar. 3823