Kamil Franczak – Friends of MX-5 iRacing Europe Laguna Seca finalist – interview

I was browsing my internets, when Facebook suddenly proposed the iRacing Live event to me.
It was a MX-5 European Friends of MX-5.

I shared it on miatasm’s Facebook fanpage and proceeded to watching it.

It was wild, it was fun. Watching virtual NDs buzzing by the camera, listening to the coverage, it was almost as real, as watching the real deal.

Except that in the real deal it’s not possible to suddenly notice 3 last names, that seem to be of Polish origin, in top 20.

That was the first time I saw Kamil Franczak on track.

Second time was the European MX-5 final race – taking place at famous, even if virtual at this point – Laguna Seca.

Kamil won his pass to Barcelona.

Couple of weeks later, when I had a chance to meet him at Miata miniChallenge Round 4, he already won his pass to Laguna Seca.

This is it.

As a daytime jobKamil is a flight instructor in a Polish military aviation school.

In exactly one month Kamil will be taking his chance at Mazda Laguna Seca Speedway.

All the best, Kamil!

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