Man vs. Machine – Mazda MX-5 NBfl 1.8 with customised ITB

Mazda MX-5 3D printed Individual Throttle Bodies

Man vs. Machine. I dropped by Miata Challenge top driver - Bronek. He was messing around with his ITB setup sitting in 1.8 NB/NBfl (mk 2.5) Mazda MX-5. Custom 3D printed trumpets Powered by EMU Classic stand alone ECU Puting out 192 HP Full engine modification includes: - 1.8 BP-Z3 VVT engine block - 1.8 BP-4W engine header -

Christmas eve spot

Christmas eve midnight mass (so co called "Pasterka") is still a strong tradition in Poland. Well, but there is also another tradition, the one that does not date back as long as the midnight mass, but is strong our small Warsaw community. The Christmas eve midnight drive around Warsaw. With MX-5s dressed in lights,