Video: Miata Challenge 2017.01 – Silesia Ring

So here we go, the video from the Silesia Ring Round 1 of Miata Challenge 2017 is here:

Here you can se, how vast the area is, and how safe it is.

At least most of it.

You can also see that one right hand turn you have to watch out for. It is well demonstrated by Turbo class winner Grzegorz in 1min38sec of the video.

You can see how a car exiting the apex is driven out of it. As this exit is very important to achieve maximum speed at the end of the straight lane (it is the second longest straight lane of the track), everybody was pushing the boundaries. There is some tarmac to do it, but it ends, as you can see, with barrier separating the exit lane and the racing lane.

I think there should be some extra safety devices installed, or the track should be rearranged to discourage drivers from going full throttle right from the exit.

Yes, it will lenghten the hot lap’s times, but – safety first!

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