Do it like Czechs do it – Track Masters 2022.01 Brno

What is the Track Masters Central European time attack league?

I am not sure yet, but I have witnessed the birth of it.

Wink, wink

The Time Lord

“Co oni tam odjebali…” – The Lord of the Tme Lord.

Have you heard about the Hot Hatch Cup?

If not – you should have had heard!

Have you heard about polish MX-5 time attack cup – Miata Challenge (now Punkta Miata Challenge)?

If not – you should have had heard!

Have you heard about the V Race?

Well, you probably know the answer by now, that you should have heard about it.

But you might have not – they are all Poland based, and they have one thing in common – same people behind each and every of those racing events.

And now they are trying to gather the motorsport enthusiasts from central Europe to take part in the unique enterprise that is Track Masters.

So what is it exactly?

I think that the true identity of that league is yet to be determined. 

Track Masters EU has its classes based on modifications and power-to-weight ratios, and quite frankly – I am not sure I get them all, but it was really inspiring to see such mixed groups together on the same track.

I have seen Porsches… 


Yaris GRs (those little things seem to be everywhere nowadays – not without a reason)…



How about diesel powered Honda S2000?

Project cars…

Another Honda, hmm 🙂


Crazy fast cars…

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me
A Mercedes Benz?
My friends all drive Porsches
I must make amends”
So please make it an AMG

All in one place.

One thing that you have to admit about Brno Masaryk Circuit.

Or maybe two.

1. Brno Circuit is beautifully set, among the hills resembling the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit elevation changes and the wide track available.

2. It is a classic underdog and was unheard of, at least in polish racing community.

But this perception will quickly change, I think, thanks to Track Masters.

Of course – none of the onboard videos can give it a righteous view.

BTW. Track Masters is using the same system developed for Miata Challenge events:

– after each session, every driver is assigned with a starting position for the next session.

This way drivers have the chance to have “clean lap”, unless someone messes up.

So as I was walking through Brno (Masaryk) Circuit paddock I was wondering, how all those leagues’ participants, and new ones will all mix up together.

From what I saw, they all got along pretty well. Up until 1 pm.

After 1 pm everyone went…  bonkers?

Well, maybe not everyone, but none of the sessions afternoon were finished at the scheduled time.

Was that bad?

Not really – at least for me*, not counting “no kurwa znowu czerwona flaga”**.

From what I saw, each incident was quickly attended to.

But I wasn’t the driver.

I can imagine, that it could have been infuriating, when you are just warming up your tires, and bam, someone just hits the pedal too far and ends up in the sand trap. And…

…your session is red flagged.

Just please, next time keep you emotions controlled 🙂

To summarize.

Brno is the circuit almost no one heard of, and the track, that beats everything Poland has to offer.***

I really wonder what next rounds will bring (and I hope I will have chance to go there).

Looking at the classification, you can see that some classes have huge differences between drivers, some – the opposite. I think the first season will see some modifications of rules after it ends.

After all, it’s not only the power-to-weight ratio that matters.

And I must add it – I really loved a little Czech flavour here and there.

*- this is my photographers point of view, but within 30 minutes I could spot the groups coming back again on track, only to be red flagged by the driver ending up in the sand trap. And each group should have 18 minutes on track.

**- “no kurwa znowu czerwona flaga” – “red flag again kurwa”

***- unfortunately, Polish Spa/Nurburgring like tracks are not existent.

If there is some kind of reincarnation, I am still wondering, if I would like to be this guy

just biking around.



Full gallery is here.

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