Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.05 Silesia Ring

The 2017 Miata Challenge season started with Silesia Ring and ended there as well. That gave us a good chance to compare, what yet another 6 months of racing gave us. Silesia Ring surroundings changed, for starters. When we were there in April, it was still a construction site as far as the

Video: Miata Challenge 2017.01 – Silesia Ring

So here we go, the video from the Silesia Ring Round 1 of Miata Challenge 2017 is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXOVn22H-mQ Here you can se, how vast the area is, and how safe it is. At least most of it. You can also see that one right hand turn you have to watch out for. It

Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.01 – Silesia Ring

Silesia Ring paddock filled with MX-5

Silesia Ring opened in the fall of 2016, so it is pretty new, and actually - it's still being developed. The track itself is ready, but the rest of the infrastructure is under construction. But who cares about the infrastructure, when you have 3,6 kilometers of fresh tarmac, wide curves, gravel traps,