13 things to do before trackday

  1. Check oil level.
  2. Check your brakes – especially the pads wear.
  3. Check your cooland level.
  4. If any of those are not ok – top up , or change. If you haven’t changed them for 2 years, change them anyway.
  5. Check your tyre pressure. Keep an eye on it as the trackday progresses.
  6. Take an extra can of your engine’s favourite oil. Trakcday is a trackday, even if your car doesn’t suck in oil on daily basis, check your engine’s oil level as the trackday progesses – MX-5 are known to ingest some of it while being tossed around the track. In case of the NA model, it sometimes manifests with HLA working louder.
  7. Take the helmet.
  8. When going for the longer tracks, fill up the gas tank.
  9. Even if it is supposed to be raining, take the sun lotion. You never know.
  10. Take some water or isotonic drinks with you – rembember to keep yourself hydrated.
  11. Don’t do any major work on the car the day before trackday!
  12. After beating your car on the track don’t turn off the engine right away, do a cool down pass – if possible.  If not, set your heating to the max, it will take away some of the heat away.
  13. Use you imagination – you have only one life to live.

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