Lifted Miata V2 PL edition

So you wake up and think – is it early 90’s now?

Imagine that Mazda dealer shows up at your place, saying:

Man, I have a best Crossover SUV car you can imagine, waiting for ya just around the corner.

Just Hop in, and drive it.
You peek around the corner, and there is a lifted MX-5 waiting for ya.

You wake up, maybe by yourself, maybe someone is slapping your face with… whatever.

You get that.

And then, with a blink of an eye:

Ad starts:  

Imagine driving a car, that has a rear wheel drive…
Imagine driving a car, that is perfectly balanced…
Imagine driving a car, that is track focused…
Imagine driving a car, that doesn’t give a shit what road you are driving on.
It is a Lifted Miata.

Fast forward to 2018

It is not the CX-5 and…

I am driving it.

Lifted MX-5.

Driving it like there is no curbs, banks, obstacles.

Just like Toyota Hilux, only without the 4WD.

Much lighter.

Perfect car for the video doc producer on the major street upgrade project. 

There is a Miata Challenge video for that too!

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