Warm autumn night turns right

Jesienny Federal 595-RSR

So you pick up a car you left at your friend’s place, celebrating birth of the new MX-5 family member and you take it for a short drive home.

Drive is pretty much straight, evening pretty warm for this part of the world in October, so top down is obvious.

Suddenly you realize, that this part of the city, at this part of the day and of the week is pretty much abandoned, and that’s a good thing.

You press your brakes lightly, the gear goes a notch lower and you turn right – it’s warm but it’s not hot, so Federal tyres give off a little of their traction, in a nice, predictible manner, the rear sways a bit, just to straighten itself in a next second or two.

There is a next right turn to a 2-lanes wide, completely empty stretch of road ending with a nice 180 degrees 1-lane wide turn back, front of the car is under steering a bit, back to the 2-lane going oposite way, still empty – if you disregard that BMW E30 on wide alloys going slowly towards the roundabout, actually slow enough for you to reach the roundabout without any company. Roundabouts, you still got respect for roundabouts, you take it easy, Boar is somewhat more on the under steer bias in some situations.


Then there is a piece of the 2-lane road right turning to the 3-lanes, but since there is a Golf next to you, you take it easy.

There is about 2 kilometers to get home, with 2 or 3 alternative routes to do it, you of course choose the one with another 180 degrees u turn and a left 90 degrees turn, instead of slowly attacking the slowdown bumps on the closed road.

In the last moment you realize, that instead of doing 90 degrees left turn, you can go to the next crossing and do the last 180.

You’re home.

Without exceeding city speed limits you just had some fun doing what MX-5 does best – cornering.

Of course, there is still some jealousy towards those, who breath serpentines everyday.

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