Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.03 – Debrzno Rallyland

Debrzno is always the most chilled out and private round of MC series.

Ex military airfield (surprise surprise), now called Rallyland is owned by Tomasz Kuchar – Polish rally driver. And as such, it serves mostly racing, rallying, motoring purposes, sometimes it even has a chance to welcome Felix Baumgartner and Kuba Przygoński.

But we have our own video 😉

Miata Challenge has been coming here for consecutive 3 years now, but since the place itself is pretty much away from any major town (which made it a great military airstrip, with main landing strip over 2 kilometers long), it’s the least attended round.

And it shouldn’t be.


Because the vast space makes it perfect to setup a long track, surroundings are very unique, and there is even place to do some drift training on your own – if you only want to.


I came in for just couple of hours, mostly to take some photos, couple of shots, and (thanks to Chris Ra) do one session in my class car.

It was 2.0 NC and it was my first experience driving it on track.

Ho li shit. I’m not aware of modifications owner has put in, but it made me just much more sure that NCs should have the class of their own.

You drive the NA/NB, you learn to negotiate your corners, handle your brakes, and you learn it the hard way.

And then.

There is a car that does that all by itself.

(Well, almost, I have to say that now that I’am exaggerating A BIT now)

You just point it in the right direction.

On the side note, this round seemed to be dominated by Red NAs – I guess it’s just a matter of proportions, but there were single best represented model this time.

Which made me miss my Red NA….

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