Miata Challenge racing series – basic information

Miata Challenge, previously known as Miata miniChallenge, is a time attack racing and educational series taking place in Poland.

It started in 2012, so it is pretty fresh and is constantly evolving and improving.

What is constant, is the unique atmosphere – derived directly from the uniqueness of the Miata based community.

MC focuses on both – education and competition. Usually track day is divided into two parts – first the education, then the competition.

Since 2012 Miata Challenge series has visited virtually every track suitable to host MX-5 event, but as of 2016 we are focusing on longer tracks. Which – in Poland – means that we have to narrow down our activities to Tor Poznań (only FIA certified track in Poland), Silesia Ring, and several post Cold War military air bases, now converted to car racing venues – Motopark Ułęż, Rallyland Debrzno, Biała Podlaska.

We have 3 basic groups and 3 extra:

Group 1 –  for MX-5s with 1.5l-1.8l stroke displacement engines –  MX-5 1.5 ND, 1.6 NA/NB, 1.8 NC

Group 2 – for MX-5s with 1.8l-2.0l stroke displacement engines –  MX-5 1.8 NA/NB, 2.0 NC/ND

Group 3 – for MX-5s with Forced Induction/Unusual swap engines 

Group 4 – is a new, extra group that classifies unmodified MX-5s – they are still classified in proper 1/2 group.

OPEN – when we have starting places left – opened for everybody, including MX-5 drivers that don’t want to enroll to MC challenging part of MC.

In 2018 there are 2 new subclasses – MCSpec NA/NB and MCSpec NC. These have limited modifications list (mostly concerning engine units).

Whole 2017 season has been covered in English 

You can check out Miata Challenge YouTube channel for whole bunch of videos from the events, or you can get some flavour here.

Miata Challenge 2017 final round at Silesia Ring

Tor Poznań Miata Challenge 2016 series finale (yes, we do sport epic after parties)

2015 series promo (yes, we do epic trailers)

2015 MC Mad Max Edition

2014 series finale (yes, we had drones flying all over the place before it was cool)

2013 series finale (yes, we did slow motion drifting befo… oh, well, you get it)

And it’s only a fraction of it.

After just 4 years we have drivers switching their BMWs trackday cars for the MX-5s 🙂

Our goal is to create MC Spec Miata class next year and start racing full time 🙂

That’s an official side of it.

What it’s really for?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but… MC was what got me into a bit more serious driving. Before that, even though I was attending some trackdays organised by MX-5 Klub Polska, I could not really get into that. The fact that I was last on my first trackday could have something to do with that. But I didn’t stop, and when MC (then Miata miniChallenge) started I hopped on board, and been there ever since. 

The educational factor gave me opportunity to really get to know my car, what it is capable of, what I am capable of, and what I am not capable of at the same time.

It made me a better driver, more situation and self aware. It made me realise how I suck in driving, but in the same time I have learned how to focus on what is important in dangerous, on the edge situations. It made focus on handling the steering wheel and brakes, not giving a shit about the fact that my tyres are whining.

Yes they do that, yes, it means something, but I don’t have to be scared of that, it is just a feedback.

This translated into at least few missed fender benders and possible crashes. What is funny – mostly not in MX-5, but regular daily driven cars. They do obey the same laws of physics, even if they are not RWD.

Unfortunetaly for me, they are not. Yet.

What is all the racing for?

It really depends on you. But most of the times competing makes you better. Driver in this case.

You just have to remember that it is not a simulated racing and in the end fo the day, it would be good to make it home. Or to the after party (and survive it).

Of course MC isn’t immune to the $$$ driven escalation, but so far it has been kept at the reasonable level. There are still drivers racing almost stock MX-5s that are getting very good results.

But I think that one thing that differs this series from every other, is the unique atmosphere. If your car breaks down, no one will leave you behind. If you are new – someone will welcome you. If you ask the best driver at the circuit to give you a shotgun ride – you will most probably get one (at least during the educational part of the day – during time attack every kilogram counts).

How much does it cost?

Peanuts, compared to any series in Poland. Driving and racing Miata is one of the best Value For Money experiences anyway, anywhere, but here you can have full trackday for less then 100 Euros. Sometimes we get to do 50-60 kilometers, sometimes 150.

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