Are you getting again the feeling that another year has passed too quickly?
Some plans had to be postponed for the next year, before you even noticed?
There’s only today and you should learn to live in the present.
There’s no point in digging in the past or creating visions of the future.
You’re here and now and this is your world.
If you don’t do something today, you may never have time to do it.
Small things, small steps – don’t put them off till later, enjoy the moment.
Work hard and face challenges, but when it’s time for a break, time for other things, use it in its entirety, so that you’d never feel you’ve lost time.




Have you ever forgotten about the usual, mundane matters in the pursuit of successive contracts, projects or deadlines?
Your life is a constant struggle where you have to live up to expectations and always be ready for a battle.
In order to keep the balance and not to lose yourself at work get some pleasure out of life.
A brief respite.
Do what you really love, break the rules, get yourself something you normally deny yourself.
Indulging yourself is a reward for your daily work.
The world loses its colors without it.
Don’t count on others to do it for you.
Reach for what you want and what really brings you joy.
You can only wait unless you take care of it.

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