Poland: Miata Challenge 2017.05 Silesia Ring

The 2017 Miata Challenge season started with Silesia Ring and ended there as well. That gave us a good chance to compare, what yet another 6 months of racing gave us. Silesia Ring surroundings changed, for starters. When we were there in April, it was still a construction site as far as the

Poland: Mazdaspeed.pl Forum Track Day Poznań

Mazdaspeed.pl Zlot Tor Poznań

Stay focused. That was my main conclusion after one of the last year's trackdays. Before that I had a habit of turning on the Go Pro just before rolling off, playing loud music (because it's fun and Stig does that) during the lap, running around the paddock and thinking about everything, but driving. But

Samsung Gear 360 and trackday recording

Samsung 360 Kaja Trackday

So there it was. At last, first, full fledged, springtime Kaja track day, opened for everybody. MX-5s came in the number of 5 or 6, which surprisingly constituted majority of one make/model this time. Usually typical trackday cars such as Civics are at least equally represented, but not this time. There

13 things to do before trackday

Check oil level. Check your brakes - especially the pads wear. Check your cooland level. If any of those are not ok - top up , or change. If you haven't changed them for 2 years, change them anyway. Check your tyre pressure. Keep an eye on it as the

MaX5 Cup – The inner fight

Racing is not easy, before and during competing there are many thoughts and emotions going through your head. 3899


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